NSBM Toastmasters hosts “SPEAK TO SPARK”

“SPEAK TO SPARK”, the first Toastmasters event for the year 2022, was held on 12th October at NSBM Green University. The event was organized by NSBM Toastmasters with the purpose of spreading awareness on the benefits of Toastmasters and encouraging students to overcome stage fear to speak up.

The guest speakers of “SPEAK TO SPARK” – DTM Hingston Lovell and TM Ravindu Amendra enlightened the event by sharing their success stories as Toastmasters, which was a great inspiration for the budding Toastmasters to pursue new skills through Toastmasters. TM Vimuthu Thesara hosted an interactive segment in which the engagement of the whole audience was grabbed.

The event was graced by the presence of the Dean – Faculty of Business, Ms Thilini De Silva, Senior Student Counsellor and Senior Lecturer – Mr. Prasanna Perera, Senior Lecturer – Ms. Zinia Liu, Master and Mistress in Charge of NSBM Toastmasters – Mr. Chandima Yapa and Ms. Prabodha Rasangi, other academics of NSBM and well-wishers.