NSBM School of Engineering Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

The School of Engineering celebrated its 1st anniversary on 13th March 2019. To celebrate this milestone, a Tree planting ceremony was organized with the patronage of Mr.Baratha Dodankotuwa, Head Academic Development and Quality Assurance along with the Head of Engineering Faculty Scientist Dr. Chandana Perera, Academic Staff, Administrative Staff and its undergraduates.

The Tree planting ceremony was organized by its undergraduates as a Green alternative to celebrate the event and as the faculty was founded upon Green Energy concepts and it strives to promote Green practices throughout the University

School of Engineering undergraduates believes that by planting a Tree, it will keep giving positivity to world as it grows. As Engineers, the undergraduates of the School of Engineering will strive to do good for the society as they grow throughout the years to come.

Currently B.Sc. Engineering Honors in Computer System Engineering degree program and Bachelor of Interior Design Degree Program are followed under the School of Engineering of NSBM Green University. The industry is at fourth revolutionary era. Everything to be interconnected through world wide networks trough fiber, satellite and wireless technology. Any physical device will be control and monitor from anywhere in the world by your fingertips. NSBM ready for the new revolution of industry 4.0 offering tailor-made few more new degree programs to cater the requirement of future industry this year.