The world has severely been affected by the latest global pandemic, COVID-19. Almost All continents of the world including the most developed parts of the world are now fighting this deadly virus making the whole world economically downward, socially distanced, and environmentally stagnant. We as a responsible community must reciprocate what went wrong in all spheres from technology to environmental aspects. This pandemic has taught many lessons with respect to health practices, social networking etc. As such COVID-19 has negatively impacted the learning process at all levels from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, other tertiary sector educational institutes to universities. Therefore, almost all organizations have attempted to cope with this issue of “Learning with COVID-19” and NSBM Green University Town is no exception.

Thereby NSBM adjusted, adapted, and modified its delivery of lectures to cope up with this situation. We are delighted to claim that, we probed a unique- Strategy, 5A’s: Approach, Aspects, Alliance, Aftermath, and Absorption to restart Sri Lanka through this pandemic while uplifting our student community. Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention that Sri Lanka has handled this pandemic to the highest possible manner to make the public safe and secure.

The rest of this discussion will be about the 5A’s Strategy of NSBM and how your teaching has continued as the way you are witnessing today.


Cutting Edge Multiple Online Platforms: Including NSBM degree programs, every foreign academic partnership owned a multi-featuring lecture material & assessment site and an online lecture delivery platform. Below illustrations will imply unique online platforms used for purposes of lecture material uploading & assessments and online lecture delivery including your degree program.



Mode of Delivery: Teaching process improved significantly by blending in all possible sensory organs of NSBM students in learning process to ensure active participation ensuring maximum immersion.


Examinations, Assignments and Practical

The most important aftermath of every learning process is assessments. In NSBM Approach the superior alliances of competent academics and modern e-Learning platforms set the manifesto to continue the examination calendar with minimum delays. The below table explains how online examinations were managed effectively in your degree program. Furthermore, it is important to claim that each examination and assignment is checked for plagiarism to assure that each submission is a genuine work of you.