In a dazzling display of entrepreneurial spirit, NSBM Green University proudly launched its Global Entrepreneurship Week in 2023, setting the stage for 12 long events through the week of creativity and the indomitable spirit of the entrepreneurial journey.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Prof. E. A. Weerasinghe, the Vice Chancellor of NSBM Green University, who emphasized the university’s commitment to nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. It also saw the participation of Prof. Baratha Dodakotuwa, the Head of Academic Development and Quality Assurance, Ms. Thilini De Silva, the Dean of the Faculty of Business, and Ms. Bhasuri Amarathunge, the Head of the Department of Management, academic and non-academic staff members.

A distinguished assembly of guests added lustre to the occasion, with the esteemed Chief Guest Mr. Sachindra Samararathne, the Associate Chief Digital Economy Officer of ICTA. His insights into the digital landscape and its role in fostering entrepreneurship set the tone for a week filled with cutting-edge discussions and groundbreaking ideas.

Adding to the distinguished lineup was the Guest of Honor, Mr. Suresh D. deMel, an Ambassador for the Global Entrepreneurship Network Sri Lanka and a Senior Advisor to the State Ministry for Investment Promotion. His presence not only honoured the event but also highlighted the intersection of academia and real-world entrepreneurship, inspiring students to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

As NSBM Green University propels its students into the world of business with a renewed focus on innovation, this Global Entrepreneurship Week promises to be a launchpad for dreams, a crucible for ideas, and a celebration of the unstoppable spirit that defines the NSBM community.