NSBM Green Task Force together with NSBM Music Club add melody to “ගොවිපළේ ගීතය”

“ගොවිපළේ ගීතය”, the melodious musical evening organized by the NSBM Green Task Force in collaboration with the Music Club, was held on 29th of August 2022 at the NSBM Green University – Phase II, “Vegetable Park” premises. This musical evening was initiated to celebrate the success accomplished through the NSBM Vegetable Park project with the bountiful harvest that has been produced thus far.

The NSBM Green Task Force is the revolutionary team consisting of NSBM staff and students that strive toward sustaining the environment through the green revolution. In line with one of its themes, “Going with the Green”, the team incorporated tree planting and crop generating projects as the most worthwhile actions for the green revolution. NSBM Vegetable Park project is one such latest project led by NSBM Green Task Force.

This memorable evening was revived with the participation of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. E. A. Weerasinghe, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Chaminda Rathnayake, Head of Academic Development and Quality Assurance, Prof. Baratha Dodankotuwa, Deans of the faculties, Heads of the Departments, fellow academics, non-academic staff members and students of NSBM.