NSBM commemorates the Vesak Festival 2023

The “Haritha Kalyana Vesak Kalapaya” was organized by the Buddhist Society of NSBM Green University, along with the Literature Club and Drama Club, to commemorate the Vesak festival on May 3rd at the University Auditorium.

Prior to the event, competitions were held where all undergraduate students of all religions showcased their talents, including a lantern competition, the best Vesak post, the best Vesak photograph, and the best Vesak “padya gayana” (poem recital). The programme included a Bhakthi Gee recital, a Vesak drama, a dansala (food distribution), and the distribution of certificates to the competition winners. Additionally, the society members distributed fertilizers, mamoties, and vegetable seeds to fifty farming families.

The event was graced with the presence of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. E.A. Weerasinghe, Senior Manager (Administration), Mr. Kapila Liyanage, Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Kasun Dissanayake, Master-in-charge of the Buddhist Society, Prof. Sanath Wickramasinghe, Mistress-in-charge of the Buddhist Society, Ms. Tharushi Piyumalee and the academic staff of NSBM.