NSBM 2021


NSBM prides itself on being a forward-thinking entity, with the constant drive to push boundaries. Thus, it moves onto Phase II, acquiring more land in Pitipana, Homagama in order to deliver greater opportunities to its potential multitudes of students in the fields of social, physical and health sciences.

Adding on another 15 acres to its current 26 acres of sprawling space for its students, the new addition would encompass more amenities and facilities in order to house local and international students including, Hostel facilities for over 1500 students to ensure easy access and comfort, Multipurpose Hall with over 1500 capacity, and A playground.

Further, along with the new infrastructure, there will be Faculty of Humanity, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Faculty of Law to offer new academic programs in order to cater to the current trends in academia and its respective industry.