After a well-fought, fist-clenching yet a spectacular final match, NSBM Boys Basketball Team emerged as Runners Up with Sithum Lakshan Edirisinghe becoming the Best Defensive Player of the tournament. NSBM Girls Team became the 2nd Runners Up in 2019 Leaders Trophy Basketball Tournament defeating the University of Kelaniya at the consolation finals. The Boys Basketball team
nsbm-school of business- tourism-wine-west level 1
“WSET Level 1” the UK certified qualification in Wine was conducted by Mr. Joseph Kenny for tourism stream students. This qualification provides a hands-on introduction to the world of wine. The students will explore the main types and styles of wine through sight, smell, and taste. While also gaining the basic skills to describe wine
NSBM-Innovation center- Research
The Opening Ceremony of International Center for Innovation and Invention (ICII) was held today, with the aim to inspire, encourage and assist young inventors to transfer their innovative ideas into profitable business models.  The keynote speaker of the event was Prof. Rangika Halwathura, Commissioner of Sri Lanka Inventors Commission and Guest of Honor, Ms. Haily Senevirathne, Lecturer Wayamba University
NSBM-Orientation-BnS-Bhava-october batch
The renowned two artists, Bathiya and Santhush (BnS) visited NSBM on 17th October 2019 to conduct the “Bhava” session for the orientation program which was held for 19.2 new intake on their third day at the university.   At this session, BnS, the pulse of the youth enriched newly enrolled undergraduates about their journey to international, the hardships, the barriers, the
NSBM-Cocktail workshop-faculty of business-tourism
A Cocktail training session was held for students of the Tourism study program by a team of award-winning experts mixology in Island, Mr. Binoy Perera and Mr. Priyankara. An Internationally recognized certificate will be awarded for successful completion. This training session was organized by – ICTH (International Center for Tourism and Hospitality). Senior Lecturer Mr. Chiranjeewa Atapattu and lecturer Lasith De Silva also
NSBM-School of Computing-IEEE Day
IEEE Student Branch of NSBM Green University celebrated the 10th edition of this global event with pride on 16th October 2019 at the School of Computing. This year the event was celebrated extravagantly with a different twist for the first time in NSBM IEEE Day history.  The event was conducted with the participation of Deputy
NSBM Orientation day 2 october batch 2019 undergraduates
After giving students a very clear understanding of the “University Life of an Undergraduate” on the very first day of the orientation week, today students were given an idea about the support services at NSBM Green University. This mainly includes the details about the Library Service, Medical Service, Transportation Service.  Further, the most important thing
After the first formal reception of an undergraduate, the inauguration ceremony which was held 14th October 2019, Today marked their first day of undergraduate life at NSBM Green University. Before starting the academic journey of these fresh undergraduates, it is required students to give proper guidance on adapting to university life. With this objective, the
E-BEX 2019, an exhibition and a forum on Internet-based business models in Sri Lanka were held on the 15th of October 2019 from 9 am – 3 pm at Faculty of Computing, NSBM Green University The event featured by 9 companies who are engaged in online-based businesses in the country. It was organized by the