Minister of Education Honourable (Prof.) G. L. Peiris visited NSBM Green University premises today (31st March).  The Honourable Minister was able to witness the facilities of the University and he admired the quality of the infrastructure as well.  He also observed the progress of the Phase-II of the NSBM in which a new 12 storey building
“The most outstanding student of the year 2020.” Applications are now open for the ” Most Outstanding Student of the year 2020″ award, which will be offered at the general convocation. If you have the following qualifications, it is you that we are looking for to offer this award!! Download Application
NSBM Green University recently took a new step forward in creating a new path for its undergraduates to reach opportunities in the global market with the opening of the International Centre for Modern Languages (ICML). The ICML was ceremoniously opened on 11 March 2021 by the Vice Chancellor of NSBM, Prof. E A Weerasinghe, with
NSBM invites prospective Investors cum Operators to submit Proposals to Design, Invest, Build, Own, Operate and Transfer a Hostel facility for 500 male students and a Hostel facility for 500 female students as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) at the proposed Phase 2 of NSBM Green University Town Project in Homagama. NSBM will position the selected Investor cum
The inauguration ceremony of the Department of Operations & Logistics was held on 24th February 2021 from 10.00 am onwards at the department premises. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Vice-Chancellor of NSBM Green University, Prof. E.A. Weerasinghe the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Chaminda Rathnayaka Head of Academic Development & Quality Assurance Prof Baratha
The Postgraduate Division, Faculty of Business of the NSBM Green University marked a ceremonial grand opening on the 24th of February 2021 with the participation of The Vice Chancellor; Prof E. A. Weerasinghe, Deputy Vice Chancellor; Prof Chaminda Rathnayake, Head of Academic Affairs & Quality Assurance; Prof Baratha Dodankotuwa, The Dean of the Faculty of Business; Ms.Thilini De
“and so, the adventure begins.” Faculty of Computing of NSBM Green University marked another significant milestone to its extraordinary journey today with the establishment of the four Departments (Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, Department of Information and Systems Sciences, Department of Network and Security, Department of Data Science) to the Faculty of Computing,
ASCENT” The inauguration ceremony of the Department of Marketing and Tourism Management was held today (23rd February 2021), from 10.00 am onwards at the Faculty premises.This prestigious occasion was honored by the presence of Vice Chancellor of NSBM Green University, Prof. E A Weerasinghe the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Chaminda Rathnayaka, Head of Academic Development, Prof.
NSBM Green University joined hand with ‘Manusath Derana’ to construct a lodging facility (quarters) for Himbiliyakada Vidyalaya teachers at Wilgamuwa Matale. A ceremony to declare open this building was held yesterday (21.02.2021) under the patronage of Hon. G L Peiris, the Minister of Education. Vice-Chancellor Professor E A Weerasinghe, Deputy Vice-chancellor Prof. Chaminda Rathnayake, Head