"MultiCulti'23” Cultural Competition of International Center for Cultural Exchange  

The International Center for Cultural Exchange (ICCE) proudly presented “MultiCulti’23”, a captivating Cultural Competition that celebrated the richness of world cultures. This event took place in front of the NSBM Hostel Complex on the 27th of July 2023, and proved to be a remarkable display of multiculturalism.

Fostering a spirit of unity and understanding, students from diverse backgrounds formed teams and passionately selected different country cultures to present. From captivating displays of art and crafts to tantalizing traditional cuisine, every corner of the event exuded a vibrant blend of customs and traditions.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Vice Chancellor of NSBM, Prof. E.A Weerasinghe,  Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Chaminda Rathnayake, and Head of Academic Development and Quality Assurance, Prof. Bharatha Dodankotuwa and Deans of the Faculties. Adding their support and encouragement were Ms. Piyumi Wickramasinghe, Head of the Department of English and Modern Languages, and Mr. Venura Colombage, Head of the Department of Marketing and Tourism, among others.

The winning team of MultiCulti’23 was the Young Scientists Circle, who brilliantly represented Arabic Culture. As the event was successfully done, it was left with the wonderful memories of MultiCulti’23, a celebration that united nations through cultural exchange. It served as a reminder of the beauty that lies in diversity and how it can enrich our lives, making the world a more interconnected and harmonious place.