NSBM Athletics Club

NSBM Athletic Club is established under the NSBM Students’ Affairs Unit with intention of promoting track events, field events and road race (marathon) among the NSBM undergraduates. NSBM athletic club rich with national level, school level athletes who are from short distance running, middle distance running, long distance running, throwing events, jumping events and hurdle

NSBM Badminton Club

The NSBM Badminton Club is the active and a well-established sports club at NSBM with many mercantile and national level players. This club is open to undergraduates of all levels for the purpose of recreation, physical fitness and development of skills in the sport. As one of the fastest sports in the world, badminton is

NSBM Cricket Club

NSBM Cricket club is one of the most pioneering sports clubs established at NSBM since its inception. We are a prosperous club with a long tradition of nurturing talented and aspiring young cricketers to be the best that they can be. NSBM Cricket Club is a friendly, vibrant and progressive cricket club that features competitive

NSBM Rugby Club

Unity and discipline above everything. That is the code NSBM Rugby club follows and it has earned many achievements because of that. Thus, the rugby club is one of the most highlighted clubs in the university since their non-stop victories under the NSBM name. Skipper Geshan Pethiyagoda and his deputy Charitha Nanayakkara leads the squad

NSBM Swimming Club

Swimming Club of NSBM consists of a massive student body and has so far guided the talented swimmers it produced into the medals. With the sophisticated, international level swimming pool and the other facilities it has, NSBM Swimming Club stands straight among other Sri Lankan educational institutes’ Swimming Clubs. The members of the NSBM swimming

NSBM Basketball Club

NSBM Basketball Club is one of the main sports clubs that was fully active even before the inception of the green university town. Having played in major inter university and cooperate tournaments such as KDU Leaders Trophy, CIMA sports tournament and APIIT Sports Extravaganza, NSBM Basketball team has garnered a solid success rate throughout the

NSBM Table Tennis Club

NSBM Table tennis Club is one of the main sports clubs that is fully active within the green university town. Having played in major inter university and cooperate tournaments such as KDU Leaders Trophy, SIEG Table Tennis Championship (University of Kelaniya), Mora Smashes (University of Moratuwa) and other major tournaments the Table Tennis Club has

NSBM Netball Club

Netball is a most popular game among the commonwealth nations, which is predominately played by females. This is a team game that one team consist with 7 players on the court. NSBM netball club has been formed in 2016 and raised with numerous achievements. NSBM netball club is operating with two teams Team A and

NSBM Martial Arts Club

NSBM Martial Arts Club is a fast- growing club which consist of Taekwondo and Karate sports. Current President  Pulan Gayashan  – Taekwondo Sandu Geeth Naveen – Karate Executive Committee – Taekwondo Sankanatha Ekanayake Indumini Kuruppuarachchi Sahas Senadheera Executive Committee – Karate R. Yasas S.B.S Lyanapathirana Ranul Perera   News & Events NSBM Taekwondo Team demonstrated

NSBM Hockey Club

NSBM hockey team takes pride in hosting both a male team as well as a budding female team. They have participated in numerous tournaments and friendly matches with several wins since its inception in 2017. Current President: Shrihari Govind Executive Committee: Captain: Gimhan M. Abeywickrama News & Events: Participation in Leaders’ Trophy Hockey Tournament’18 organized

NSBM Chess Club

In this strategic two player game, NSBM has taken initiative to provide the students with the benefit of the chess club which proudly guide students to learn the game and provides the school level champions with resources to continue their chess career in university level. Current President: W D Sanura Chamantha Executive Committee: W D

NSBM Volleyball Club

The purpose of NSBM Volleyball club is to provide a safe environment where young athletes (Male/Female both) will improve in the game of volleyball and learn the important values of team, spirit and sportsmanship.  We will encourage the development of skills and techniques necessary for players to compete at a high level, focusing on the

NSBM Archery Club

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NSBM Fitness Club

NSBM Fitness club is based in recreational center which provides opportunity for NSBM students to master their talents on Powerlifting. Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves the athlete attempting a maximal

NSBM Soccer Club

NSBM Soccer club is an active sports club of NSBM comprises of highly competitive players with skills on par with any other university soccer player. The team had participated in several inter-university tournaments and international sports tournament in past few years and was able bring several winning trophies to NSBM. Always NSBM Soccer club strive