To empower young undergraduates with essential emergency preparedness skills for the very first time at the university, the Industrial Management Circle of the NSBM Green University, along with the Colombo Fire Service Department – Fire and Rescue Training Academy, organised FLAME GUARD’23, a Fire Awareness Training Programme. 

The significance of such training cannot be overstated, as fire emergencies can pose serious threats to life and property. Understanding how to respond effectively in such situations is paramount, and the event sought to address this crucial need. In viewing this, the fire awareness training programme aimed to boost confidence and awareness about what to do in an emergency.   

Conducted throughout the day by Mr. Rasika Abeywickrama – Fire Training Officer, Colombo Fire Service Department, the training program comprised both theoretical and practical sessions, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for the participants. The theoretical session emphasises the importance of quick and composed reactions, types of fire emergencies, the different classes of fires, and the appropriate measures to take in each scenario. In the practical session, one of the key focuses was on the proper handling of fire extinguishers, a vital skill in mitigating the impact of a fire.   

The Fire Awareness Training Programme is organised under the guidance of Ms. Thilini De Silva – Dean, Faculty of Business, Ms. Maneesha Dias – Head, Department of Operations & Logistics and Ms. Rekha Kulasekara – Mistress in Charge, Industrial Management Circle. The programme was carried out smoothly, and the attendees were able to gain more knowledge about fire emergencies and fire safety preparedness skills.