Global Youth Camp 2023 presented by NSBM Green University

Global Youth Camp 2023 (GYC 2023), the multicultural and inclusive summer camp presented by NSBM Green University continued for ten successful days and concluded on an unforgettable note on 16th August 2023. Throughout this ten-day summer camp, GYC 2023 ambassadors from all corners of the globe embarked on a journey of transformative experiences with their engagement in an array of unique events, activities and performances while exploring the uniqueness of Sri Lanka and reflecting the theme of “The World in a Pearl”.

Day 1: Opening Ceremony

NSBM officially commenced this highly anticipated summer camp on 7th August 2023 with a spectacular opening ceremony held to extend a warm welcome to the GYC 2023 ambassadors, and they were welcomed by the management, staff and students of NSBM. Showcasing the essence of Sri Lankan culture, the opening ceremony of GYC 2023 comprised a breathtaking display of cultural performances that left the participants in awe. 

Day 2: “Speak with us!” and “Dance with us!” – Experiencing the Uniqueness of Sri Lankan Languages, Attire and Dancing

Day 2 took a captivating journey into the vibrant culture of Sri Lanka. The day kicked off with a Sri Lankan language workshop, where the participants embarked on a linguistic adventure, exploring the beauty of the scripts and enthusiastically learning common Sinhala phrases with the help of their Sri Lankan buddies. The day was brightened up when all the participants donned Sri Lankan traditional outfits, sarees and sarongs, showcasing the country’s unique culture. The participants were then treated to a fascinating display of traditional Sri Lankan dance forms that compelled all of them to move with rhythmic beats.

Day 3: “Cook with Us!” and “I Volunteer!” – Exploring the Sri Lankan Art of Cooking and Making a Change Through Volunteerism

Day 3 engaged the global ambassadors in a culinary adventure where they enthusiastically explored the Sri Lankan art of cooking at Hilton Colombo. From mastering the local way of blending spices to trying out unique cooking utensils, they gathered in for this hands-on Sri Lankan cooking session that added another unforgettable cultural experience. The global ambassadors concluded the day more meaningfully with an impactful volunteer activity which added colours to the walls of Uyana Junior School, Moratuwa and cleaned the school premises.

Day 4: “Colombo City Tour” – Discovering the bustling business capital of Sri Lanka.

Day 4 treated the global ambassadors to a discovery of Colombo, the bustling business capital of Sri Lanka. Immersing in an enchanting journey through history, culture and modernity, the tour covered many iconic and vibrant attractions in Colombo city; Colombo National Museum, Gangarama Temple, Lotus Tower and Port City.

Day 5: “Game On” – Uniting Through the Spirit of Sports

Day 5 was a celebration of sports spirit as the global ambassadors united to partake in practising games of Volleyball, Sri Lanka’s National Sport and Cricket, the honourary national sport. The ambassadors also had the opportunity to experience a mesmerizing display of Angampora, a traditional Sri Lankan martial art form that portrayed a glimpse of the country’s rich cultural heritage. The plan for the day drew to a close with a remarkable experience-sharing session conducted by one of the GYC 2023 ambassadors, where NSBM students had the chance to engage in inspiring conversation and gain global exposure.

Day 6: “Down South Tour” – Sun, Beach and Island Living! 

Day 6 took the global ambassadors on a memorable tour to the sunny and serene down-south of Sri Lanka. The crystal blue waves of the southern coastline welcomed the ambassadors with a warm breeze and brought alive many new adventures to cherish along their global journey. The day offered them a boat ride across the scenic Koggala Lagoon, a leisurely walk through the ancient Dutch Fort of Galle, mesmerizing traditional Sri Lankan mask-making demonstration and a visit to the Unawatuna turtle hatchery.

Day 7: “Restful Inspirations” – Yoga and Meditation Session

On Day 7, the global ambassadors gathered for Yoga and Meditation Session conducted at the university premises. Experiencing the power of restfulness, they were guided by an experienced yoga instructor to follow gentle yoga poses and relaxing meditation. The day also included a special session conducted by the ambassadors, where they shared their cultural exposure with NSBM postgraduate students.

Day 8: “Corporate Rendezvous” – Professional Meet and Greet & Factory Tour

On Day 8, the ambassadors had the opportunity to visit MAS Holdings, the Official Corporate Partner of Global Youth Camp 2023. The team visited the MAS Active-Linea Intimo Factory at Biyagama. During the visit, they had the opportunity to meet the Chief Growth Officer of MAS Holdings, Mr. Malik Ahamadeen, who did an inspirational session on how MAS, as a Sri Lankan company, conquered the business world. Then the team was also taken on a factory tour to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of MAS and participated in a corporate lunch with the MAS Active-Linea Intimo team.

Day 9: “Sigiriya and Kandy Tour” – Exploring the ancient marvels of Sigiriya and cultural treasures of Kandy

On Day 9, the ambassadors embarked on an unforgettable journey to explore the ancient Sigiriya Fortress and picturesque Kandy City. While touring these iconic cultural landmarks of Sri Lanka, the ambassadors immersed themselves in a deep understanding of the historical value and rich heritage of the vibrant nation.

Day 10: “Bidding Adieu” – Cultural Night and Closing Ceremony

Concluding ten unforgettable days of island living, Global Youth Camp 2023 (GYC 2023), marked the final day with Cultural Night and Closing Ceremony held on 16th August 2023 at NSBM premises. The day was enlivened by a series of dazzling cultural performances that transcended borders and displayed the beauty of diversity. In acknowledgement of the dedication and commitment of the global ambassador during the summer camp, they were honoured with well-deserved certificates amidst high applause and proud smiles. When it came time to bid adieu, the ambassadors shared their own heartfelt words, reflecting on the transformative journey at GYC 2023 enriched with life-changing experiences, newfound friendships, and enlightening discoveries.