“Future Biztycoon” Shapes the Success Journeys of Young NSBM Entrepreneurs

Stepping into the era of innovation, the Entrepreneurship Circle, in collaboration with NFORCE at NSBM Green University launched “Future Biztycoon”, an annual event to celebrate the vision, the talent and the unwavering dedication of the young minds of NSBM Green University, who embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The launching ceremony of Future Biztycoon was held on the 31st May 2023 with the graceful presence of distinguished invitees and the remarkable minds; Prof. Bharatha Dodankotuwa, Head of Academic Development and Quality Assurance, Ms. Thilini De Silva, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Ms. Bhasuri Amarathunge, Head of the Department of Management, Ms. Shehani Joseph Lecturer in Charge of the Entrepreneur Circle, Mr. Mohammed Rushdi Manager of Career Guidance & Entrepreneurship Empowerment Unit and Mr. Mohammad Fawaz alongside the Curve Up Team. The event was also graced by a few alumni startup owners from NSBM, Founder of Neology Technologies Mr. Naveeth Malinga, Co-founder of AI Care Mr. Kaushalya Diwakara, CEO of Viral Hub 360 Thilina Ahangama, CFO of Viral Hub 360 Gimhan Manchanayake, Co-founder of Codezilla Ishanka Tharindu.

In conjunction with the launching ceremony of Future Biztycoon, the Annual Startup Boot Camp was held with a focus on developing business ideas and translating them into actionable plans. The workshop was conducted by Mr Mohammed Fawaz, owner of Company Curveup, who empowered the participants with unique insights on the essential knowledge and skills to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys while inspiring students to think innovatively and embrace the challenges of entrepreneurship. The collaborative effort resulted in a remarkable learning experience that will undoubtedly shape the entrepreneurial journey of NSBM’s young entrepreneurs toward success.