Friendly Football Encounter between NSBM and SLTC

Friendly Football Encounter between the Football Club of NSBM Green University and the Football Team of SLTC was Held on 8th June 2023 at the NSBM Grounds.

The match brought together the passionate football players of NSBM and SLTC in an exciting competition that treated the spectators to a thrilling display of skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Ultimately, the NSBM Football Club emerged with a scoreline of 2-1 and clinched a thrilling victory against their resilient opponents from SLTC.

The awarding of trophies and certificates to the players was done by the Head of Academic Development & Quality Assurance, Prof. Baratha Dodankotuwa, Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Thisal Yatawara, Master-in-Charge of Football Club, Mr. Janith Iddawala and Ms. Shanika Sewwandi, Executive – Sports and Physical Education.