Established under the Ministry of Higher Education, NSBM offers a plethora of exciting and intellectually enhancing programmes via the Postgraduate and Professional Advancement Unit.  The range of courses consists of Certificate, Advanced Certificate, and Diploma level programmes which lead to Postgraduate Diplomas and MBA programmes approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Ministry of Higher Education.

These programmes are specially designed to create pathways for business professionals, government officials, and entrepreneurs to strengthen their professional potential, while inevitably enabling their organizations to attain sustainable growth. NSBM Professional Programmes are conducted during weekends, ensuring a step by step learning experience under five disciplines: Business, Computing, Engineering, Language, and Design. All the programmes are facilitated by renowned academics and industry experts, delivered within a fully equipped learning environment, on par with international standards.

Ensuring a 360-degree university experience, these courses guarantee the successful transition from academic to professional life, since they provide the adequate know-how to empower every participant to skillfully employ his/her education and academic competency in real-life corporate contexts. These courses also ensure that its participants are fully geared to meet the opportunities and challenges of the world beyond local grounds.


Postgraduate Programmes

The postgraduate and professional programmes offer a plethora of pathways and specializations to business professionals, government officials, and entrepreneurs with the desire to sharpen their knowledge


New Enrollments
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New Enrollments
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