Dr. Sanjaya Dissanayake received the President’s Award for Scientific Research

Dr. Sanjaya Dissanayake, a former academic and researcher of NSBM Green University has received one of the most prestigious scientific research awards in Sri Lanka, for his research paper published in the year 2018 during his tenure at NSBM.

The President’s Award for Scientific Research organized by the National Research Council of Sri Lanka is an award ceremony that recognizes and grants awards for the top-ranked research papers published in prestigious journals that had a substantial contribution to the field of science and technology during the previous three years. The research papers are ranked according to their SCImago Journal Ranking and in which 20% or more of the authors of the publication are Sri Lankan scientists with a Sri Lankan institutional affiliation.

Dr. Sanjaya Dissanayake received this award in recognition of his research titled “Fractionally Differenced Gegenbauer Process with Long Memory: A Review” published in STATISTICAL SCIENCE, Vol 33, Iss 3, pp 413-426 submitted with NSBM credentials.

Sharing his humble words about the award, Dr. Dissanayake said that he would like to acknowledge the support given by the Vice-Chancellor of NSBM Green University and the fellow academics for his academic and research work. He further mentioned that his affiliation to NSBM Green University in the year 2018 was one of the reasons that he was recognized for this award.

NSBM would like to convey our congratulations to Dr. Dissanayake on receiving this prominent and much-deserved award!