Department of Operations and Logistics

Department of Operations and Logistics offers an insight to its’ undergraduates of the contemporary business management practices combining the arenas of logistics management, operations management, industrial management, and project management. Students get exposed to world class learning experience via business laboratories, workshops on professional qualifications, real world exposure to case studies on top of in-class lectures to mold the graduates to cater to the modern business requirements. The stimulating learning environment created within the department motivates students to enhance their analytical and critical thinking ability to re-engineer and optimize business processes and become thought leaders of the future industry.


The Department of Operations & Logistics, with its’ vision to produce most sought after graduates who are thought leaders in bringing transformation to the industry, research & society strive to create the best undergraduate experience for students. The collaboration of the dynamic and experienced academic staff, industry experts working closely with the department as mentors and consultants, strong bond developed with the professional bodies in domain areas and the research culture inculcated within the department have made the department a nurturing environment for talented undergraduates. The department currently offers degrees approved by the University Grants Commission and Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka and has been able to widen its’ scope by offering degrees in affiliation with world class international universities. The department focuses on contemporary management aspects: logistics management, industrial management, project management and operations management through which it can uplift the fresh graduates to contribute to the modern industry requirement in line with global trends. I welcome prospective students to explore how the department of Operations & Logistics provides a novel learning experience that outstands the general higher education arena of Sri Lanka. Ms. Maneesha Dias Head

Academic Staff

The NSBM academic members are the greatest resource at the university. The highly qualified academia, which includes, internal, external and even flying faculty members, ensure that our students receive the best in education, counsel and consultation.

Ms. Maneesha Dias
Ms. Maneesha Dias
Lecturer / Head
Mr. Shaja Musthaffa
Mr. Shaja Musthaffa
Temporary Lecturer
Department News

Department of Operations & Logistics being surrounded by energetic undergraduates, creates a vibrant atmosphere full of new events happening day after day such as seminars, workshops, guest lectures, field trips, and many more. The creative nature and aesthetic appreciation of students have opened doors for many aesthetic and eco-friendly initiatives as well.

Inauguration Ceremony of the Department of Operations & Logistics

Inauguration Ceremony of the Department of Operations & Logistics

The inauguration ceremony of the Department of Operations & Logistics was held on 24th February 2021 from 10.00 am onwards at the department premises. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Vice-Chancellor of NSBM Green University, Prof. E.A. Weerasinghe the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Chaminda Rathnayaka Head of Academic Development & Quality Assurance Prof Baratha

Student Life

Building a platform for next generation leaders, the Department of Operations & Logistics provides host of academic, co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. The department calendar is full of vibrant events such as student circle activities, acts by student bodies, workshops and seminars etc. that create new opportunities for students to develop their soft skills, analytical thinking ability, leadership and entrepreneurial ideas for the betterment of the self and the society.