Department of Management

The Department of Management Studies offers a dynamic learning environment for scholarship and research in broader business management aspects. The department’s main aim is to educate future business leaders with a strong ethical mindset for contemporary global business environments. The department mainly focuses on advancing knowledge and critical scholarship in the broader field of management and organization studies such as management science, international management, human resource management, business communication and human capital development.

It provides a holistic learning experience for students. The academic programmes will ensure the graduates are up to date with industry-relevant competencies via high-quality academic delivery. The department also takes entrepreneurial skills development as a serious part of the curriculum. Further, the department facilitates the personal and professional development of the students with various student-led projects. This ensures that our graduates are fully prepared for the contemporary business world.


Department of Management at NSBM Green University is established to inspire sustainable management in practice by expanding South Asia’s management education. Our department is the largest department of the Faculty of Business and the NSBM Green University. We provide teaching faculty to all the departments and faculties of the NSBM Green University. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach for research and teaching to enhance the current management thinking and contribute to better lives, organizations and societies. Our core knowledge domains include Organization and Management theory, Organizational behavior, Governance, Leadership, HRM, CSR and Communication. We strive for excellence in teaching and research through collaborative engagement with researchers, students and practitioners to create up to date knowledge base on contemporary business realities. Thereby we cordially invite organizations, practitioners, researchers and students to join us in this challenging knowledge-seeking journey. On behalf of the department, I invite all of you to explore our department website to get more insights about our academic programmes, research initiatives, industry collaborations and student activities. Ms. Bhasuri Amarathunge Head / Senior Lecturer

Academic Staff

The NSBM academic members are the greatest resource at the university. The highly qualified academia, which includes, internal, external and even flying faculty members, ensure that our students receive the best in education, counsel and consultation.

Department News

The department is currently working on its establishment of the “Center for Modern Languages”, with the expectation of paving global language opportunities to the department, faculty, and to the whole university.

NSBM 5th anniversary commemorative publications

NSBM 5th anniversary commemorative publications

To mark the remarkable 5 year milestone of its victorious journey of NSBM Green University, the university launched an illustrative book, “Our Journey 2016-2021”, which brings glimpses of events and its expansion in infrastructure, technology, education, and research over these five years since its inception in 2016. Further, a special commemoratory issue of the NSBM’s

NSBM Green University Celebrating 5 Years of Success

NSBM Green University Celebrating 5 Years of Success

Today, October 26, marks the 5th anniversary of NSBM Green University. This remarkable milestone of the journey of NSBM offers a time to celebrate the glories of five successful years and a bright future ahead. Over the past 5 years, NSBM has inspired and gifted a generation of intellectual, multiskilled, globally competent youth graduates who

The most outstanding student of the year 2020

The most outstanding student of the year 2020

“The most outstanding student of the year 2020.” Applications are now open for the ” Most Outstanding Student of the year 2020″ award, which will be offered at the general convocation. If you have the following qualifications, it is you that we are looking for to offer this award!! Download Application

Student Life

The department of management molds undergraduates with both academic and extracurricular activities by presenting a wide array of opportunities for them to shine. The department currently holds the Entrepreneur Circle, HR Circle, and English Language Circle within it, presenting the students different prospects.