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The Department of Data Science (DDS) was established under the Faculty of Computing on the day of 15th December 2020. The department is focused to be the leader in the discipline of Data Science in Sri Lanka which include knowledge contribution from the key areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language processing, Data Mining, Statistical Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Visualization. DDS is preparing to conduct seminars, workshops, and an annual conference in Data Science as its future activities. The department is aiming to disseminate knowledge and spread the global opportunities and business transformation trends with this highly sort after discipline of data science.


Welcome to the Department of Data Science. Data and Analytics are increasingly critical elements across nearly all industries, business functions, and IT disciplines. It has become a primary driver of business strategy, and information products and is greater than ever. It is a part of everything that organizations do. The transition to data driven businesses require data and analytics leaders. There is a noticeable shortage of data science professionals all around the world and the demand for such professionals is in a rise.  If you want to start on a career path in the rewarding and in-demand field, Data Science degree from NSBM can help you make that dream a reality. Dr. Chaminda Wijesinghe HOD / Senior Lecturer I

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Department News

Faculty of computing proudly announce the launching of Department of Data Science (DDS), the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. The faculty sees an even brighter future as Data Science is changing the world today

Industry-University collaboration academic development programme of Faculty of Computing

Industry-University collaboration academic development programme of Faculty of Computing

With the prime objective of leveraging industrial collaborations to advance the academic excellence of the university, NSBM Faculty of Computing successfully concluded an Industry-University collaboration academic development programme for its academic staff members. The programme was held on 25th May 2022 at the Green board room and carried out on several discussion points, including software

FoC Industry Day of NSBM concludes on a triumphant note

FoC Industry Day of NSBM concludes on a triumphant note

The FoC Industry Day conducted by the NSBM Career Guidance Unit in collaboration with the NSBM Faculty of Computing(FoC) was held on 16th March 2022 at the NSBM Student Centre. This was specially organized to provide career opportunities for graduates of the NSBM FoC who are available for full-time employment. In addition, undergraduates of NSBM also

MoU sign up with OREL IT

MoU sign up with OREL IT

NSBM Green University announced its formal MoU sign up with OREL IT for its Industry Partnership Programme. NSBM ‘Industry Partnership Program’ is designed to optimize synergies among the Industry Partners and NSBM in relation to Entry Level Talent Acquisition (Internship / Training), Employer Brand Building, Knowledge Sharing, Corporate Brand Building, Special Projects, Incubation / Entrepreneurship

Student Life

Being a student at Department of Data Science you will enjoy by engaging with interdisciplinary, real world enigmas and gain extensive experience. Life of a Data Science undergrad is really fun filling since they are engaged in understanding the world and discover new things.