Department of Accounting and Finance

Department of Accounting and Finance provides degree programmes which are desinged to produce an employable undergraduate by meeting the industry requirements in its all the degree programmes including an industrial training component. The department ensures that the undergraduates are exposed to both local and international environments with regard to teaching, research and learning. The degrees offered at the department entails a training for the latest accounting packages related to the field of accounting and finance with the purpose of preparing them to the technological development in the industry. Reaching beyond the leaning aspect the students are facilitated and benefited by the students circles and units established in the departments with the purpose of producing a holistic accounting and finance graduate demanded by the global industries.


It is my great pleasure to welcome all of you to the official website of Department of Accounting and Finance, NSBM Green University. As a one of the largest departments at the Faculty of Business, Department of Accounting and Finance provides a unique teaching, research and learning experience to undergraduates to mold them to be business leaders and quality citizens of the country. The department aims to prepare students for multiple career opportunities in the field and direct them to further academic studies and professional certifications through diverse and continuous curriculum improvement. We encourage the students to behave in a socially responsible way, endowed with high ethical standards, to become leading personalities in their chosen field in the future. The department enables a variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities through its dedicated student circles and units to pave them the path to be holistic graduates in future. The department facilitates a unique learning environment comprised of research-oriented novel teaching techniques and industry focused teaching through industry collaboration. The department also maintains a strong network with the related professional bodies providing opportunities for personal and professional development for the students. Most importantly, the department houses a dedicated team of academics who work their level best to provide a quality education while the non-academic staff ensures the best service to our students. Department of Accounting and Finance, welcome all of you who seek opportunities to explore new knowledge, gain experiences and make a difference in the world. Ms. Maithri Chandima Head / Senior Lecturer

Academic Staff

The NSBM academic members are the greatest resource at the university. The highly qualified academia, which includes, internal, external and even flying faculty members, ensure that our students receive the best in education, counsel and consultation.

Departmental Publications

NSBM Departmental Publications consists of print and digital magazines, newsletters, and journals published by various departments under the four faculties of NSBM. They reflect the academic and creative expertise of the NSBM academic community across several disciplines and provide opportunities to have professional exposure and to sharpen knowledge and skills.These publications include collaborative works of NSBM undergraduates and academic staff members, which primarily target to serve the information needs of our community: students, parents, staff, partners, stakeholders, and the general public

Department News

Department of Accounting and Finance offers the undergraduate a wide range of opportunities for both academic and extracurricular activities through the student circles and units established under the department. These student circles and units organize various programs throughout the year, including workshops, webinars, community service projects, field visits etc. widening the horizon of learning. These events which are organized with the contribution of the students, academics and the industry expertise certainly inculcate positive attitudes, knowledge and skills within the student to succeed in their future careers.

Accounting and Finance Students pay tribute to their lecturers

Accounting and Finance Students pay tribute to their lecturers

In celebration of World Teachers’ Day, the Student Circle of Accounting and Finance organized “ACCOLADE’22”, an appreciative ceremony paying tribute to the enormous dedication and efforts of all the lecturers at the Faculty of Business on 5th October 2022. The event was conducted with the participation of the Head of Academic Development and Quality Assurance,

Step Up – Personal and Professional Grooming Workshop for the Students Circle of Accounting & Finance newly appointed officials.

Step Up – Personal and Professional Grooming Workshop for the Students Circle of Accounting & Finance newly appointed officials.

A special personal and professional grooming workshop for the newly appointed officials of the Students Circle of Accounting & Finance (SCAF), organised by the Department of Accounting and Finance in collaboration with its student community, on 14th September 2022 from 9 a.m onwards. The main intention of the workshop was to develop a range of soft skills

Personal and Professional Development Workshop – Session II of Department of Accounting and Finance

Personal and Professional Development Workshop – Session II of Department of Accounting and Finance

The second session of the Personal and Professional Development Workshop Series, organized by the  Department of Accounting and Finance – DAF Pro Unit of NSBM Green University, concluded successfully on August 27, 2022 at university premises. The Workshop Series was conducted with the intention of supporting the final year undergraduates of the Department of Accounting and

Student Life

Department of Accounting and Finance attempt to provide a unique learning experience to the undergraduates by reaching beyond the traditional teaching and learning method. The department offers a plethora of opportunities for the students to receive a wide exposure to the industry as well as extracurricular activities while engaging in the academic activities. The research center of the department extends continuous support to the undergraduates for their research activities since early in the degree program through which they can accumulate required knowledge to conduct research and subject related studies later in the program. The unit for professional studies and affiliations with professional bodies enable the students to enhance their professional skills demanded by their chosen field. Further, Internship and Skills Development Unit prepare the students for the industry expectations with the purpose of producing a competent graduate who is ready to embark a professional career. The Student Counselling Unit of the department is omnipresent in always assisting students with their concerns, ensuring the wellbeing of the students. The student circle of Accounting and Finance is the student body of the department which offers ample of opportunities to the students to gain experience and exposure through activities they arrange throughout the year.