Department of Legal Studies celebrates two successful years

The Department of Legal Studies successfully celebrated the second-year anniversary on the 15th of February 2023 under the theme “Justus ’23” at the​ NSBM Green University Auditorium. 

Justus ’23 included a panel discussion graced by the presence of Mr. Chandaka Jayasundere, Presidents Counsel and Mrs. Marini De Livera, Attorney-at-law and Social activist.  

Another highlight of the event was the appointment of the 2023 Student Executive Board of the Business Law Society. The outgoing board was applauded and appreciated for their service in contributing to making last year a successful one. The new board for the year 2023 was appointed and given the responsibility of making the upcoming year eventful. Adding more colour to the event, the talents of LLB undergraduates and the Business Law Society were showcased throughout the event.  

Another noteworthy addition to the event was the launch of “Inquisitor”, which was a magazine launched by the Business Law Society.