Department of Information and Systems Sciences

The Department of Information and Systems Sciences focuses on developing professionals who are experts in both IT and business domains. Such a blissful blend promotes developing graduates with both social skills and analytical skills. The core of our curriculum reflects quite well the model created by the Association of Information Systems (AIS), an international society of ISS researchers and teachers. The academic activities at the department range over a wide field characterized by interdisciplinary elements and are focused on developing and adapting the use of IT to the needs of people, organizations and society. The employment rate of our students is extremely high, and they get the right positions in both IT and Management sectors organizations recognizing their expertise in both business and IT domains.


Department Head's Message

The Department of ISS was established with the main focus of producing graduates who are skilful in both IT and business domains. In the current industry context, this blend is highly recognized and offered a variety of employment and research opportunities. Our core curricula are in line with the required academic standards and industry expectations. The faculty academic staff consists of internal members, visiting staff (academic and industry) and foreign faculty. Currently, our department offers bachelor’s level degrees in the field of Information Systems discipline. With the state-of-the-art facility at the NSBM Green University premises, students will get exposure to the latest technologies and facilities required for their academic and non-academic activities. We at ISS take all the measures to provide a positive academic environment to our students and carefully monitor and guide them throughout their academic journey.
Dr. Mohamed Shafraz
Head / Senior Lecturer

Academic Staff

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Studying at the Department of ISS is interesting and practice-oriented. Let us bridge the gap between Business and IT with the IS platform. Develop Social Skills and Analytical Skills to get the best employment opportunities. Does ICT is for development? Do you want to be a part of it?

Student Life

With the main focus of creating graduates to fit with socio-technicality, our department offers a variety of skills development programs along with a modern curriculum. Among them, IPT, CREST and Research Workshops are leading in the pipeline. All the students are directed to Industrial Preparation Training (IPT) prior to their industry placements. This program helps them to receive hands-on experience from industry leaders and stay in touch with the ongoing industry activities. CREST program intends to build soft skills and the required attitude sets of undergraduates. The research workshops are conducted before the final year award project commencement, and it intends to lay a strong research foundation for MIS students.

Department Head
Dr. Mohamed Shafraz
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