Department of Economics and Decision Sciences

The Department of Economics and Decision Sciences in the Faculty of Business is a vibrant community with expertise in Economics and Decision Sciences, carrying out productive and cutting-edge research focusing on the advancement of Economic, Mathematical, Statistical, and computational Sciences while being committed to training students to achieve the highest educational attainments. The faculty attached to the Department, studies and teaches conceptual and analytical foundations and their applications in all areas of their interest to achieve outstanding education and significant research. At the Department of Economics and Decision Sciences, we ensure all mainstream areas of economics and statistical sciences are strongly represented in research and teaching.


Department Head’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Accounting and Finance (DAF) of NSBM Green University Town. Our department serves as a dynamic hub for undergraduates passionate about the intricate world of finance and the art of managing monetary resources. We are committed to providing comprehensive education, fostering critical thinking, and preparing undergraduates for successful careers in the ever-evolving fields of accounting and finance. At the Department of Accounting and Finance, we recognise the vital role that financial management plays in both corporate and personal contexts. We aspire for students to be financial analysts, accountants, investment bankers, and financial consultants, equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to excel in the field of Accounting and Finance. Our distinguished faculty members are experts in their respective fields, combining academic expertise with practical industry experience. We are committed to delivering a rigorous curriculum encompassing theoretical foundations and real-world applications. DAF strives to instil a deep understanding of financial principles, analytical thinking, and ethical practices in students through industry-academic partnerships, curriculum upgrading, engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on projects. Furthermore, DAF maintains a strong connection with renowned professional bodies, accounting firms, financial institutions, and corporate partners, offering valuable networking opportunities, internships, and potential employment prospects. In addition to academic excellence, we emphasise fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment, enabling students to engage in group projects, participate in student organisations, and attend workshops and conferences to enhance their leadership, teamwork, communication skills and range of soft skills required to be a successful professional. Moreover, our department encourages research and innovation, nurturing an environment where faculty and students can explore new ideas, conduct empirical studies, and contribute to advancing knowledge in Accounting and Finance. 
Ms. Anne Pathiranage HOD / Senior Lecturer

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Department Head Mr. Kasun Dissanayake +94 (11) 544 5115

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Ms. Udari Liyanage