Ms. Thilini De Silva, the Dean of the Faculty of Business at NSBM Green University, recently participated as a Guest of Honour in the 11th International Conference in the series “Youth 2025: India Rising.” The conference was organized by the Jaipuria Institute of Management in Jaipur, India, aiming to provide a platform for insightful discussions and valuable perspectives on fostering economic growth through entrepreneurship, innovation, and scalable strategies.

As a distinguished Guest of Honour, Ms. Thilini De Silva contributed her expertise to a panel discussion representing NSBM Green University, as a prominent university that drives excellence in business higher education. The rest of the panel featured esteemed speakers renowned in their respective fields, including Mr. Akshay Makar, Forbes 30 Under 30 India, Founder of Climatenza Solar; Mr. Kishan Panpalia, Forbes 30 Under 30 India, Founding Team, Head of Business at Pepper Content; Mr. Vidur Gupta, Forbes 30 Under 30, Co-Founder of Third Eye Distillery.