Postgraduate Diploma in Software Engineering

Post Graduate Programme

Duration - 1 Year 3 Months(Part Time)

Postgraduate Diploma in software engineering (PGDSE) is a UGC approved programme specially designed to provide an advanced knowledge in software engineering principles and practices to those who are interesting to gain state of the art technologies use in the software industry.

  • Duration – 1 YEAR 3 MONTHS
  • Course Type – PART-TIME


  • This course facilitates to fill the increasing demand in current industry to pursue postgraduate level qualifications. This programme examines principles, design, implementation, and performance of software engineering sector.
  • A focus will be placed on Advanced Computer Programming, Human Computer interaction, Service Oriented Architecture and final practical software project
  • Students may formulate their own final software projects based on their interests and background
  • The course will be conducted in more seminar-like manner than lectures but will have a more formal schedule.


  1. Provide a broad and critical understanding of all the processes for software engineering.
  2. Develop a range of skills focused on the analysis of requirements, design and implementation of reliable and maintainable software, with strong emphasis on software engineering principles applied over the whole development lifecycle.
  3. Encourage participants to identify problems and by means of research, to suggest solutions in order to ensure sustainable development in their respective disciplines and ultimately in the organization


1First Half
Module CodeModule NameNo of HoursCredits
PSE11103Advanced Computer Programming453
PSE11203Design Patterns453
PCN11303Human Computer Interaction453
1Second Half
Module CodeModule NameNo of HoursCredits
PSE12103Mobile Application
PSE12203Advanced Database Concepts453
2First Half
Module CodeModule NameNo of HoursCredits
PSE21103Service Oriented
PSE21203Software Project
PSE21301Research Methods151
2Second Half
Module CodeModule NameNo of HoursCredits
PSE21103Software Quality Assurance/ Software
PSE21205Project Report155


A student must possess at least one on the following requirements to enter to the program

  • A Degree in computer/engineering/physical science obtained from a recognized university/Institution
  • A Degree in other Discipline obtained from a recognized university/Institution with one (01) year post qualifying working experience in executive capacity
  • Professional qualification from a recognized professional body acceptable to the Governing Body of the National Institute of Business Management with a minimum of two (02) years post qualifying working experience in executive capacity
  • A Diploma obtained from a recognized University/Institute acceptable to the Governing Board of the National School of Business Management with three (03) years post qualifying working experience in executive capacity
  • Minimum of 05 years sustained work experience in a Managerial Level in a recognized institution (Government or Private). Subjected to the approval of the Academic Governing Council of NSBM.
  • Year 1 - 250,000 LKR
  • Registration Fee - 10,000 LKR
  • Library Fee - 5,000 LKR
One Years Three Months (Part Time)
250,000 LKR
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