Postgraduate Diploma In Human Resource Management
Post Graduate Programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM) is designed to deliver an in-depth understanding to participants from basic functions to strategic perspectives of the discipline of Human Resource Management. This one year programme aims at updating participants with the knowledge of latest trends and practices of Human Resource Management. It also attempts to familiarize participants with important functional disciplines such as Finance, Economics, and Information Technology, which are essential in functional integration and strategic decision making. The programme focuses on strategic and individual level enhancements, by the analysis of the role of Human Resource Management in contemporary organizations. Human Resource Management plays a key role in modern organizations in developing and executing organizational strategy. Human resource professionals are consulted by organizations for the development of strategies to plan for organization’s most valuable resource, its people. This programme is designed to provide the required competencies for participants, who aspire for midcareer development. The programme will enable participants to advance their career, develop business expertise and to develop a professional network.

Semester Cluster
1 First Half
Module Code Module Name No of Hours Credits
PGD 5101 Management Process and Practice 45 3
PGD 5102 Accounting for Decision Making 45 3
PGD 5103 Business Communication 15 1
1 Second Half
Module Code Module Name No of Hours Credits
PGD 5104 Business Statistics 30 2
PGD 5105 Organizational Behavior 45 3
PGD 5106 Economics for Business 30 2
2 First Half
Module Code Module Name No of Hours Credits
PGDHRM 5101 Introduction to HRM & Employee Resourcing 30 2
PGDHRM 5102 Employment Law & Labour Relations 30 2
PGDHRM 5103 Human Resource Development 15 1
PGD 5107 Research Methods 30 2
2 Second Half
Module Code Module Name No of Hours Credits
PGDHRM 5104 Human Resource Information Systems 45 3
PGDHRM 5105 Organizational Change & Development 45 3
PGD 5108 Project Report (90 Self Study Hours) 15 3
420 30
Course Fee
1 Year (Part Time) 250,000 LKR
TOTAL 250,000 LKR
Registration Fee -
10,000 LKR
Library Fee -
5,000 LKR

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