Master of Information Technology (MIT) AND Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc in IT)

PostGraduate Programme

Duration - 2 Years (Full time)

Welcome to the MSc in IT Program at NSBM Green University !

NSBM Green University is committed to providing a modern and holistic education that equips students with abundant opportunities for gainful employment on completion of their studies. In the university’s continuous pursuit of enhancing societal contributions, it is delighted to introduce new Master’s study programs in Information Technology (IT).

Why MIT/MSc in IT Programme?

At NSBM Green University, we consider that the time is ripe for the Institute to offer a master’s study program in the field of Information Technology as a natural phase event of its evolution. The Institute has been in the sphere of higher education, offering undergraduate level degree programs for several years and a large number of NSBM are in the IT industry seeking entry to a Master’s study programme in the same discipline. Moreover, this will create a pathway for graduates with non-IT degrees currently working in the industry to elevate their careers in the field of IT.

Key Features

  • Excellent path for non-IT graduates to enter into the IT field, sustain, and accelerate their career.
  • The resourcefulness of the NSBM on the multiple fronts of academic strength, infrastructure facilities, managerial acumen and financial backing make it the ideal candidate to commence a Master’s study program in IT and thereby be a partner in the nation’s knowledge development and dissemination project;
  • Excellent opportunity for potential NSBM IT graduates who are currently working in the IT Industry and seeking career advancement.


Year/ Semester 

Module/ Activity


Year 1: Semester I


MSC5101 Problem Solving and Programming (3 credits) 

MSC5102 Software Development Paradigms and Processes (3 credits) 

MSC5103 Systems Analysis and Design (3 credits) 

MSC5104 Modern Operating Systems (3 credits) 

MSC5105 Information Management and Retrieval (3 credits) 



Year 1: Semester II

MSC5201 Data Communication and Networks (3 credits) 

MSC5202 Web and Mobile Application Development (3 credits) 

MSC5203 Governance and Management in ICT (3 credits) 

MSC5204 Integrated Project (6 credits) 

Year 2:  Semester I

MSC6101 Software Quality Engineering (3 credits) 

MSC6102 Research Methodology (3 credits) 

MSC6103 Internet of Things (3 credits) 

MSC6104 Big Data Analytics (3 credits) 

MSC6105 Artificial Intelligence (3 credits) 

Year 2:  Semester II

MSC6201 Research Project (15 credits) 


The candidate must possess any one of the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor's degree recognized by the University Grants Commission or Ministry in charge of the subject of Higher Education in Sri Lanka
  • OR
  • A Bachelor's degree including 30 credits in IT-related discipline from a recognized university
  • OR
  • Any Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with substantial relevant work experience
  • OR
  • Completion of NVQ level 7 (Bachelors or Bachelors Honours, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma), as determined by NSBM Green University.
  • A good working knowledge of English.
  • Year 1 - 300,000
  • Year 2 - 300,000
  • Registration Fee - 10,000 LKR
  • Library Fee - 5,000 LKR
Two Years (Part Time)
600,000 LKR
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