Master of Business Studies (MBS) and Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Post Graduate Programme

The MBS/ MBA programme is designed with a clear idea that this should not be merely another MBS/ MBA but should make a tangible value addition so that the programme produces useful Managers, who are capable of contributing to sustainability of the business, which they are involved in. Accordingly, the design of the programme emphasizes intended qualities of the graduates it produces;

  • an effective negotiator
  • an innovative thinker
  • technically an expert in the area of managerial work
  • an effective leader

No person shall be registered for the Programme of study leading to the Degree of Master of Business Studies or Master of Business Administration unless candidate possesses any one of the following qualifications:

  • A Degree in the field of Commerce, Economics, Management, Business or Accounting or in a related field, awarded by a recognized institution;
  • A Degree in any other field other than those mentioned in (a) above, awarded by any recognized institution and a minimum of one year’s executive experience in a field acceptable to the Board of Studies for Postgraduate Programmes.
  • A Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, which satisfies the criteria for a level 8 programme as specified in the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework, awarded by an institution acceptable to the NSBM and a minimum of two years’ experience at executive level in the field of business management in an institution acceptable to the NSBM.
  • Any recognized professional qualification that is acceptable, on a case by case basis, to the Academic Governing Council of the University as an equivalent qualification to any of the above mentioned requirements and a minimum of  two years’ work experience in a managerial capacity in an institution acceptable to the NSBM
  • A good working knowledge of English.
TermCourse ClusterCourse CodeCourses OfferedCredits per CourseCredits per TermHours per CourseHours per TermTotal CreditsTotal Hours
Semester 1.1Foundation 




5101Accounting for Decision Makers230
5102Business Economics230
5103Enterprise Management230
5104Quantitative Methods for Management2830120
5105Business Communication

(Residential Workshop 1)

Semester 1.2 Functional Expertise5106Human Resources Management230
5107Marketing Management230
5108Managing Operations in Business230
5109Managing Finance28301208120
Semester 2.15110 International Business Management230
5111 Legal Aspects for Managers115
5112 Strategic Management215
5113 Managing Information Systems230
5114 Organizational Behavior18301208120
Semester 2.25115Business Ethics and Sustainability23030
5116Problem Analysis Methodology

(Residential Workshop 2)

5117Independent Study58751208120
Total for the Year 1 – MBS33495
Semester 3.1Concentration Electives6201Research Workshop230
Any three courses of the following
For specialty in operations
6202Logistics and Supply Chain Management2
6203Strategic Cost Analysis2
6204Innovation and Technology Management2
6205Strategies for products and Service Development26901208120
For specialty in Managing People
6206Cross Cultural Management2
6207Industry and competitive analysis2
6208Managing Corporate Turnarounds2
6209Organizational Leadership and culture2690120
For specialty in Tourism Management
31053Hotel Operations & Consumer Services Development2
31054Tourism Marketing and Destination Promotion2
31055Tourism Operations & Destination Development2
31056Human Resource Development for Tourism2690120
                                               Semester 3.26999Research Report5575
Any two courses of the following for 3 credits
For specialty in operations
6213Managing Service operations2
6214Big Data Analytics2
6215Process Engineering and Quality Management2
6216Project Management13451208120
For specialty in Tourism Management
31057Tourism Economics2
31058Statistical Analysis and Accountancy2
31059Application of E-Tourism and GIS2
31060Managing Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism1345120
For specialty in Entrepreneurship
6220Management Consultancy Skills2
6221Managing Service Operations2
6222Big Data Analytics2
6216Project Management1345120
Semester 4.1Application Competencies6999Research Project6
6223Business Negotiating Skills281208120
Semester 4.2International Exposure6999Research Report4
6224International Business Practice – Case study591351359135
Total for Year 0233495
Total for MBA66990


Course Fee
MBS - 1 Year (Part Time)250,000
MBA - 2 Years (Part Time)500,000
Registration Fee -
LKR 10,000
Library Fee -
LKR 5,000

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