Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) is a one-year course designed specially to provide a systematic exposition in advanced management education to managerial and supervisory level executives in private and public sectors, who wish to pursue higher studies with relevant managerial experience and graduates who wish to upgrade their academic knowledge gained during the fi¬rst degree. The primary aim of this course is to inculcate among the participants such perceptions, knowledge, skills and abilities as would enable them to become effective managers in the modern business and to assume higher levels of managerial responsibilities. Therefore the structure of this course facilitates a process through which the participants integrate their real-life work experiences with the conceptual and analytical foundations and developments in management disciplines, rather than just knowledge reproduction. The learning is problem oriented and participants have to work on specifi¬c problems themselves. Furthermore, the programme encourages multidisciplinary thinking and independent reflection using twelve modules including research report.


Semester Cluster Module Code Module Name No of Hours Credits
1 First Half PGD 5101 Management Process and Practice 45 3
PGD 5102 Accounting for Decision Making 45 3
PGD 5103 Business Communication 15 1
Second Half PGD 5104 Business Statistics 30 2
PGD 5105 Organizational Behavior 45 3
PGD 5106 Economics for Business 30 2
2 First Half PGDHRM 5101 Managing People 30 2
PGDHRM 5102 Marketing Management 30 2
PGD 5107 Research Methods 15 1
Second Half PGDHRM 5103 Financial Management 45 3
PGDHRM 5104 Management Information System 45 3
PGD 5105 Project Report (90 Self Study Hours) 15 3
420 30