BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

University of Plymouth, UK

Duration - 3 Years (Full time)

This programme provides an experience research-informed education by exploring the scientific basis of human health, disease and therapeutics.


  • The programme includes both coursework and research components.
  • Students can gain experience in workplaces outside university through the final year internship training.
  • The lectures will be delivered by lecturers from NSBM as well as by the flying faculty members of the Plymouth University, UK.

Aims of the Program

  • To provide an in-depth understanding of human biology in molecular, cellular and systems levels
  • To develop the laboratory skills and experience on testing, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • To obtain hands-on training in both university laboratories and industry experience with 300 hours of work placement.
  • To apply the theoretical knowledge and practical skills on Research project which continues for one year.


Year 1

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Laboratory Practice and Safety
  • General Chemistry
  • Biomolecules
  • Cell Biology
  • Infection and Immunity
  • Study Skills and Personal Development

Year 2

  • Biology of Disease
  • Evidence Based Practice in Biomedical Science
  • Genetic Continuity and Diversity
  • Cell Biology in Health and Disease
  • Clinical Haematology and Biochemistry
  • Infection, Immunity and Disease

Year 3

  • Personal Research Project
  • Cellular Basis of Immunity
  • Current Developments in Biomedical Science
  • Specialist Biochemistry and Screening
  • Clinical Microbiology


Students should have either of the following qualifications

  • Minimum 3 passes for science subjects including Biology as a subject for G.C.E. Advanced Level examination conducted by the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka.
  • Minimum 3 passes for science subjects including Biology/ Human Biology as a subject for one of the following examinations:
  • G.C.E Advanced Level examination conducted by Pearson Edexcel, UK (London A/L)
  • International Advanced Level examination conducted by Pearson Edexcel, UK.
  • G.S.E Advanced Level examination conducted by Cambridge International Examinations, UK.
  • Completion of NSBM Foundation programme
  • Completion of any other foreign university-affiliated foundation programme (*Subject to the approval of program director)
  • AND
  • English requirement (IELTS 6.0 or equivalents such as internationally recognised qualifications and/or including NSBM English Language Assessment)

* Candidates with impressive results at a foreign examination held outside Sri Lanka, deemed equivalent to G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination of Sri Lanka are eligible to apply for admission to universities in Sri Lanka.

  • Year 1 - 1,200,000 LKR
  • Year 2 - 700,000 LKR
  • Year 3 - 700,000 LKR
  • Registration Fee - 10,000 LKR
  • Library Fee - 5,000 LKR
Three Years (Full Time)
2,600,000 LKR
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  • In health care sector (Medical Laboratory Scientist, biomedical scientist, Laboratory Quality Manager)
  • Industrial opportunities (Research and Development officer, Laboratory Scientist)
  • Education Sector