Duration - 4 Years (Full time)

BSc (Honours) in Computer Networks programme at NSBM School of Computing is carefully designed in line with the latest ACM and IEEE guidelines for Computer Networks undergraduate awards and aims to produce competent and well-moulded computer professionals who are capable of developing systems usable across the globe having the ability to evolve with trends of technologies and business.

This is a four-year degree programme that aims to produce graduates with required skills and knowledge in the core and emerging subject areas in Computer Networks. Students also undergo compulsory industry training in the third year and in the fourth year, students are provided with knowledge and understanding of diverse subject domains and an individual award project that allow them to showcase their learning over the years.


  • UGC Approved 4-year honours degree
  • A diverse choice of elective modules to choose from, in their final year of studies, to cater to individual preferences and ambitions
  • Includes mandatory industry placement and supervised research projects element
  • Focuses on infusing knowledge and skills to develop and maintain Computer Networks within an organization or between organizations

Aims of the Program

  • Develop the confidence to use the latest concepts to design and develop network solutions for an organization / individual
  • Develop lone learning aptitude to acquire new knowledge required for an assignment which associated with novel concepts
  • Admire intellectual works of others and to abide by industry norms and ethics stipulated by professional bodies
  • Satisfy the academic criteria required for the membership of professional institutions


Year 1

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Mathematics for Computing
  • Programming in C
  • Professional Development
  • Data communications and networks
  • Object-Oriented Programming with Java
  • Algorithms and Data structures
  • Computer Architecture
  • Database Management Systems
  • Web-Based Application Development

Year 2

  • Computer Networks
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Statistics for Computing
  • Development of Enterprise Applications I
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Network Management
  • Voice and Video over IP
  • Network systems configuration and administration
  • Network Security
  • Operating Systems

Year 3

  • Internship
  • Information Assurance and Security
  • Social Issues and Professional Practice
  • Wireless Technologies and Network Programming
  • Advanced Mathematics for Computing
  • IT Project Management
  • IT Audit and Control
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Advanced Routing and Switching
  • Service provider systems and networks
  • Cryptography

Year 4

  • CN Honours Award Project
  • Platform-Based Development
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • Internet of Things
  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • Enterprise Networks
  • E-Business Application Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management Information Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Disaster Recovery and High availability Techniques
  • Intrusion Prevention, Detection & Response
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing


Six passes (with 3 credit passes) in GCE Ordinary Level and Three Passes in Physical Science stream for GCE Advance Level in a single sitting, in the respective streams stipulated or approved by UGC, at one of the following examinations or an equivalent foreign qualification. Equivalent foreign qualification is defined as the minimum requirement for admission to a similar programme in a UGC recognized university in that country.

  • G.C.E. Advanced Level examination conducted by the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka
  • G.C.E Advanced Level examination conducted by Pearson Edexel, UK (London A/L)
  • International Advanced Level examination conducted by Pearson Edexel, UK
  • G.S.E Advanced Level examination conducted by Cambridge International Examinations, UK

** Students may subject to face a preliminary interview based on their entry qualification

  • Year 1 - 700,000 LKR
  • Year 2 - 700,000 LKR
  • Year 3 - 700,000 LKR
  • Year 4 - 700,000 LKR
  • Registration Fee - 10,000 LKR
  • Library Fee - 5,000 LKR
Four Years (Full Time)
2,800,000 LKR
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The fee for each semester is 350,000 LKR

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  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Analyst
  • IT/Systems Support Engineer
  • Network Architect
  • VoIP Engineer