BM (Honors) in Applied Economics

Economics is one of the central disciplines that underpins the study of Management and Business; thus, a degree in Applied Economics will enable you to abstract, examine and quantify complex business and social issues, therefore, provide you with lucrative employment opportunities in a variety of careers in addition to working as a professional economist.

Bachelor of Management (Honors) in Applied Economics requires students to combine economic theory with real-world data to understand economic issues of great importance. There is a strong demand for highly numerate graduates throughout the global labour market, therefore, the analytical and problem-solving skills developed by this programme mean that careers for economic graduates are extremely wide-ranging and rewarding.

Full Time
4 Years

Key Features

  • UGC Approved 4-year honour’s degree with business in general, and Economics in particular with industry placement and supervised research project element
  • A unique and up-to-date collection of modules to develop research capacity and skills in a broader spectrum of Economics and Business
  • Access to state-of-the-art software tools for Economic data analysis
  • Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to succeed in a variety of career paths -foreign affairs, public administration, politics, policy analysis, health administration, entrepreneurship, market analysis, journalism, and emerging careers of the future.

Year 1

  • Management Process
  • Business Communication
  • Financial Accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Business Statistics I
  • Management Accounting
  • Computer Applications
  • Economics History
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Academic Writing

Year 2

  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Macro-Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Mathematics for Economics I
  • Professional development
  • Business Statistics II
  • Management Information Systems
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Law

Year 3

  • Strategic Management
  • Mathematics for Economics II
  • Financial Institutions and Monetary Theory
  • Financial Economics
  • Transferrable Skills and Employability
  • International Economics
  • Introductory Econometrics
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Industrial Training

Year 4

  • Sri Lankan Economy and Global Economic Trends
  • Public Economics
  • Research Methods in Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Big Data for Social and Economic Problems
  • Dissertation
  • Global Strategy
  • Labor Economics
  • Applied Environmental Economics

Having three Passes in Commerce, Physical Science, Biological Science, Arts or Technology streams in a single sitting, at one of the following examinations or equivalent foreign qualifications is the minimum entry requirement.

  • G.C.E. Advanced Level examination conducted by the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka.
  • G.C.E Advanced Level examination conducted by Pearson Edexel, UK (London A/L).
  • International Advanced Level examination conducted by Pearson Edexel, UK.
  • G.S.E Advanced Level examination conducted by Cambridge International Examination, UK
Course Fee
Year 1 700,000 LKR (Payable in Instalments)
Year 2 700,000 LKR (Payable in Instalments)
Year 3 700,000 LKR (Payable in Instalments)
Year 4 700,000 LKR (Payable in Instalments)
TOTAL 2,800,000 LKR
Registration Fee -
10,000 LKR
Library Fee -
5,000 LKR

Student Loan facilities are available from BOC, NSB & NDB banks. Send us an inquiry to ask about paymnet plans and loan facilities.

  • Professional Economist
  • An Academic
  • Finance Analyst
  • Economic Researcher
  • Banker
  • Wealth Manager
  • Stockbroker
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Consultant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Statistician