BA (Hons) in Interior Design
Plymouth University - United Kingdom

Studio Design / Workshops will be a central part of the programme’s delivery. These sessions will allow students to learn in a hands-on, practical environment in the studios Lectures will be used to communicate and interrogate subject knowledge such as key theories, ideas of practitioners and theorists, critical debates, research methodologies, and theoretical texts. Seminars will provide a platform for group discussion, self and peer review, and student presentations. These will also be used to mix undergraduate and postgraduate students. Seminars consider issues and topics relevant to the module and highlight potential areas and directions of study.

Group Tutorials will accommodate discussions of academic matters relating to a module, including preparation for and feedback on assignments. Self-directed study is a substantial part of the programme. Students will be expected to take responsibility for their own learning within the framework of the programme structure and defined learning outcomes, and in consultation and negotiation with programme teaching staff.

Full Time
3 years

The aim of this programme is to prepare students for a career in industry, education or postgraduate study. Students acquire design knowledge, practical and professional skills, and develop a passion that enables them to comment and make a significant contribution to the world of interior design practice.

  • To provide a transformative experience that develops students’ understanding, design personality and approach to the world of interior design.
  • To instil a sensitivity and appreciation of the role of design allied with an awareness and responsibility to the holistic impact of construction and refurbishment processes.
  • To present a framework that fosters and encourages personal development through academic rigour and investigation, and a deeper understanding of applications of creative thinking.
  • To provide the appropriate stepping-stones for a career in design.
  • To help students understand the nature and importance of inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary design practice.
  • To understand the nature and application of specialist (artisan) skills and knowledge.
  • To develop an individual voice (point of view) and depth of know-how within a specialist area of interior design.
  • To develop a personal methodology towards design through the intimate and in-depth understanding of materials, technologies and processes.
  • To understand the nature and sometimes conflict between desirability, feasibility and viability of interior design development.
  • To acquire professional skills that underpin both creative and theoretical thinking.

Year 1

  • Introduction to Interior Design I
  • Historical and Cultural Influence on Interior Design I
  • Design Communication I
  • Theory and Practice of Interior Design
  • Building Science
  • Materials – structural- Building construction I
  • Business English
  • Interior Design II
  • Historical and Cultural Influence on Interior Design II
  • Design Communication II
  • Basics of Building Construction
  • Digital Communication I
  • Materials –interior - interior construction & design II
  • Environmental Psychology

Year 2

  • Trans Disciplinary Design
  • Design studies and communication
  • Building science and technology
  • Spatial and Interior Integrated Skills
  • Advance Design Practices
  • Creative Carrier Development

Year 3

  • Internship
  • Research Methodology and essay
  • Design Culture and social studies
  • Comprehensive Design Project
  • Market assessment and Project management

All applicants must have GCSE (or equivalent) Maths and English at Grade C or above.

  • Pass GCE A/L with minimum 2 principals; OR Pass Diploma in Interior Design or other equivalent qualifications from institution recognized by the Government; OR
  • Pass Foundation of NSBM or from any University or any other equivalent qualifications from institutions recognized by the Government
  • AND Pass in arts subject in GCE Ordinary Level; OR Pass Portfolio test for those who failed or never take the arts subject.
  • English requirement (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent).

Students will get an informal interview prior to the registration and one of the senior academic member will conduct this interview on behalf of both universities. Students will ask to bring a portfolio of the creative works they did along with the relevant certificates. Potential candidates will get the registration for the course

Apply with Pending Results ( *Conditions Apply )

Course Fee
Year 1 (Full Time) 1,200,000 LKR (Payable in Instalments)
Year 2 (Full Time) 700,000 LKR (Payable in Instalments)
Year 3 (Part Time) 700,000 LKR (Payable in Instalments)
TOTAL 2,600,000 LKR
Registration Fee -
10,000 LKR
Library Fee -
5,000 LKR

Student Loan facilities are available from BOC, NSB & NDB banks. Send us an inquiry to ask about paymnet plans and loan facilities.


Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, Retail Designer, Space Planner, Set Designer , Visualizer, Exhibition Designer, Event Manager, Public Space Planner ,  CAD Designer,  Commercial Space Planner, Colour conultant , Project Management, Consultant, Information Designer