Wellbeing Club (Students' Wellbeing Association)

The Students’ Wellbeing Association of NSBM is the first and the only students’ club initiated in Sri Lankan University that expects to develop the wellbeing of individuals for the betterment of the younger generation. The club was initiated at the beginning of the year 2018 with the intention of advocating the mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellbeing among the undergraduates of the university, as well as to pave a path towards the betterment of the entire Sri Lankan nation in terms of ultimate features of wellbeing.
The association is well-organized with seven departments designed to enhance the skills of the NSBM undergraduates in various fields, including Content Writing, Finance Management, Coordinating, Media & IT, Public Relations, Marketing, and Aesthetics. These departments also serve as platforms for students to showcase their skills. Joining SWA offers undergraduates the opportunity to build network with students across all levels.
The Students’ Wellbeing Association is uniquely renowned for its iconic events such as the NSBM Leadership Conference, Harithawarjana, Harithaswara, One More Light, and SECMIC, among many others. As the largest association on campus, SWA consists of members from every faculty and academic level, making it a sought-after partner for collaborative events with other student organizations at the university.

Master/Mistress in Charge - Academic Staff Members

  • Mr.Prasanna Perera/FOB
  • Ms.Ashani Jayasundara/FOB

Names of President /Vice President /Captian

  • President- S.A.S. Sapumal Navanjana
  • Vice President- Sajani P. Jayawickrama & J.A Adithya Lakshan
  • Secretary- Wathsala Gamarachchi
  • Treasurer- D.M Lasitha Dinesh