Student Circle of Accounting and Finance

The Student Circle of Accounting and Finance (SCAF) is the very first subject circle of the Faculty of Business which is attached to the esteemed Department of Accounting and Finance.

SCAF prides itself on being more than just a student body. It is a close-knit and supportive community where students help one another grow academically, professionally, and personally. The culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing is at the heart of SCAF’s success.

By participating in SCAF’s initiatives and engaging with fellow students, members unleash their potential and polish essential skills required for success in the business world. The organization serves as a launchpad for future business leaders, equipping them with the confidence and expertise to excel in their careers.

Finally, the Student Circle of Accounting and Finance (SCAF) at NSBM is not just an ordinary student body; it is a driving force behind the growth and excellence of business-oriented students. With a commitment to valuable projects, knowledge sharing, and community support, SCAF empowers every undergraduate to become a successful and influential business leader. Join SCAF and be part of a transformative journey that will shape your future and open doors to endless opportunities. Together, we build a brighter tomorrow for the world of business.

Empowering Growth and Excellence:

SCAF is a trailblazing student body that aims to nurture and develop the potential of every undergraduate at NSBM Green University. With a strong focus on creating value for their department, SCAF goes beyond boundaries to positively impact the entire university community.

Transformative Projects:

 The SCAF team takes on valuable and impactful projects that leave a benchmark and extend benefits to the larger university population. Some of our prominent projects include:

SCAF organizes insightful Recapsy sessions for junior batches. These sessions serve as a bridge to reinforce concepts, helping students to grasp challenging subjects more effectively.

As a highlight event, Exodus provides a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and business acumen. This annual event fosters creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirit among students.

The publication of SCAF Times showcases their commitment to knowledge sharing. This student-run publication features articles, interviews, and success stories from the world of business, inspiring and educating every undergraduate at NSBM