NSBM Soccer club is an active sports club of NSBM comprises of highly competitive players with skills on par with any other university soccer player. The team had participated in several inter-university tournaments and international sports tournament in past few years and was able bring several winning trophies to NSBM.

 Always NSBM Soccer club strive to provide an opportunity to any NSBM undergraduate with the interest of soccer to groom them to become good soccer player to compete with any other local or international team.

Student Committee of NSBM Soccer Club

Devshan Jayawardena
Team Captain and President
Nakrushan Chithrasenan
Vice Captain and Vice-President

Executive Committee

Jude Praveera
Santhirakumar Mokanraj
Haritha Rathnayake
Geshan Pethiyagoda
Bilal Girsy
Yasir Mahareth
Ravishka Herath
Nipuna Weerasinghe
Bhagya Gunathilaka
Mishal Shajehan
Amjad Afkar
Damien Amerasinghe
Milan Somisena
Dinesh Karthik

News & Events

  • Kickoff 6’a side Organized by “S.Thomas’ College bath of 2015” – Runners up 2019
  • APIIT Extravaganza – Champions 2017
  • UiTM Sports Fiesta 2018, Malaysia – Participated in Futsal Tournament