NSBM Athletic Club is established under the NSBM Students’ Affairs Unit with intention of promoting track events, field events and road race (marathon) among the NSBM undergraduates. NSBM athletic club rich with national level, school level athletes who are from short distance running, middle distance running, long distance running, throwing events, jumping events and hurdle events.

NSBM athletic club mold strong athletes to take the leadership in the corporate sector with accelerated speed of adapting to scenario, team working and completing the task accurately. Membership of the NSBM athletic club can be obtained from contacting the NSBM recreation center and taking part with practices continuously. NSBM athletic club organize its own athletic meets and take part in interuniversity level athletic meets and open, national level athletic meets.

Student Committee of NSBM Athletic Club

Vinsuka Gammanpila
Athletic Captain (Male)
Shamindri Perera
Athletic Captain (Female)
Kaveen Perera
Deputy Athletic Captain (Male)
Dinindu Perera
Deputy Athletic Captain (Male)
Geshan Pethiyagoda
Bhagya Gunathilake
Senuli Abeysinghe

Executive Committee

Tashya Rebeira
Vihanga Kawishka
Ravindu Ramanayake
Visura Dissanayake
Hasini Weerarathne

News & Events

NSBM Athletic Club participated in below listed events from which some were organized by the club and some were participated through invitations

  • NSBM Sports Fiesta 2017- Athletic meet
  • KDU Sports Meet 2017- Invited Relay
  • Booster 2017: Invited University & Schools Athletic & Marathon Championship
  • NSBM Sports Fiesta 2018- Athletic meet
  • KDU Sports Meet 2018- Invited Relay
  • NSBM U-Sports 2018- Inter University Athletic Championship
  • NSBM Sports Fiesta 2019-Atheltic meet
  • KDU Sports Meet 2019- Invited Relay