Music Club

The Music Club of NSBM is the most dynamic and active club in the university that embraces musicians of all genres and talents. The enthusiasm and talent that we have among our members is what makes this club special. Our aim is to nurture the talent within the club and create a platform for future artists to reach the international standard in performance.
Over recent years the Music Club has been able to stage many events and concerts that enabled our young artists to showcase their talents and skills to a large audience within the university. Furthermore, we perform at many other events and programs organized by the many clubs and societies present at the university as well as major university events.
The Music Club is proud to introduce the NSBM Choir which debuted at ‘Spandana’22 – Music from the Heart’ which gained much praise and recognition within the university. The Music Club Band is also famously reputed for being one of the best university bands as our pool of talented instrumentalists are the ones who provide the music aspect for all the clubs’ events and shows.
The Music Club has presented annual concerts ‘Ahanna 2019’, ‘Adawwa 2021’, ‘Mathaka 2021’, and, ‘Spandana 2022’ which is the highlight of each year and further organized and performed for various other musical events such as ‘Hagum Thotilla 2023’, ‘Govipale Geethaya 2022’, ‘HALO Carol Service 2022’, ‘Two’s Day 2022’ and at all NSBM Open Day Weekends which have all been conducted successfully thanks to the hard work and dedication of the club members.
The Music Club is open to all those passionate about music and has the willingness to learn new things in a creative environment. Members usually gather in the Music Room located on the 1st floor of the Student Centre and conduct all practices and rehearsals for the many events we take part in.
Auditions for the Music Club usually take place after every batch intake in the university. Dates and other information will be communicated via student mail and on our socials @nsbm_musicclub on Instagram or @NSBM Music Club on Facebook.
The club is carried on with the guidance of our Mistress in Charge, Ms. Kalni Peiris and Master in Charge, Mr. Piumal Herath who has been a great support to making our efforts being valued and successful in taking the Music Club of NSBM to greater heights.

Master/Mistress in Charge - Academic Staff Members

  • Ms.Kalni Pieris / FOB
  • Mr. Piumal Herath/ FOB

Names of President /Vice President /Captian

  • President – Rachel Hettiarachchi
  • Vice President – Chamod Fernando