Media & Photography Club

NSBM Media is the place where art meets technology, where imagination fuses with innovation, and where the power of visuals and sounds takes center stage. 
NSBM media consists of several different teams which are photography , videography , announcing and editing.
Together, NSBM Media create an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. They work in seamless harmony to showcase the essence of university life, to encapsulate the raw emotions and passions that fuel our community, and to capture the essence of every chapter written in our journey.
NSBM Media conducts workshops for announcing, photographing and editing for the new members. There is a special process and interviews for recruitment of new members to be a part of this extraordinary team.
Videography and photography team covers all the events in the university and they even do live streams of special occasions such as graduation ceremonies and open day. NSBM Media will take you on a journey from music videos to engaging documentaries.
Announcing team is the voice behind the scenes that infuses life and energy into every event. From electrifying sports commentaries to hosting captivating seminars and workshops, our announcers have the talent for keeping the audience hooked and entertained.

Master/Mistress in Charge - Academic Staff Members

  • Mr. Naji Saravanapavan /FOC
  • Mr.Dilhara Batan Arachchige / FOC

Names of President /Vice President /Captian

  • President – Chanaka Bandara
  • Vice President – Gajendra Devapriya
  • Vice President- Pahasar Indumina
  • Secretary – Bhagya Wickramarathne
  • Treasurer- Pamodya Maharachchi