Literature Club

The NSBM Literature Club is a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to the appreciation and exploration of literature.
The club provides a platform for avid readers, writers, and literary enthusiasts to come together and engage in thoughtful discussions about literature. Members have the opportunity to share their insights, perspectives, and interpretations of different literary works. The club encourages open-mindedness and welcomes diverse viewpoints, fostering a rich and intellectually stimulating environment for all participants.
In addition, the club also hosts various literary events and activities. The club aims to promote a love for reading, writing, and creativity among its members, encouraging them to express themselves and explore their own literary talents.
Overall, the NSBM Literature Club provides a nurturing and engaging community for individuals who have a passion for literature. It offers a space where members can connect with like-minded individuals, broaden their literary knowledge, and celebrate the power and beauty of written words.

Master/Mistress in Charge - Academic Staff Members

  • Ms. Thilini De Silva /FOB
  • Mr.Tharaka  Nayanapriya/FOB
  • Ms. Fairoza Fairooz / FOB


The Literature Circle of NSBM hosted a drama workshop on the 26th of August 2023 in the NSBM Auditorium, continuing its constant commitment to artistic exploration and fostering talents of NSBM undergraduates. Aimed to improve the performance and acting skills of students in the club, the workshop was led by Dr.

“රඟහල 2022” rekindles the interest of young literature enthusiasts in traditional stage dramas “රඟහල 2022”, the annual event organized by the Literature Circle of NSBM was held on 1st September 2022 at NSBM Auditorium, focusing on traditional stage dramas given that the young generation is losing the value of the