English Literary Association (ELA)

English Literary Association (ELA) is a unique club among the many subject circles operates under the purview of the Faculty of Business as it does not belong to a specific subject specialization. It comprises of students who share a common interest in literature and creative arts. Therefore, ELA provides a platform for any student to showcase their artistic and literary prowess regardless of their field of study. Since it is inception in 2019, ELA has carried out many remarkable projects that were beneficial to the students of all the faculties. Over the years ELA has been a worthy addition to the university and an integral part of its extra-curricular activities.  ELA focuses on creating a platform for undergraduates to share their love for language, culture, literature, and art around the world. ELA is a nurturing ground for students across all faculties who wish to explore the creativities they possess. With a member count of over 250 students ELA is a unique club which gathers readers, artists and creatives who follow various degree programs. ELA is also the only student circle of the Faculty of Business that does not focus on a particular subject, and it locates the club in a unique position where the students are able to organize events across a wide range of interests and subjects.

Apart from the monthly Book Clubs organized under a various themes generating worthy and fulfilling discussions among the passionate readers in the university, ELA also organizes aesthetic events to open space for the undergraduates of the university to showcase their talents. Drop the Mic is an event that opened the stage for singers, standup comedians, and musicians to share their bents in an open mic event. Drop the Mic being a student favorite among the student body of the university, ELA is determined to make it an annual endeavor that provides a platform for budding talent at NSBM.

EVERGREEN is an annual magazine published by ELA which captures the thoughts, memories, artwork and prose of undergraduates. The magazine also includes interviews of NSBM alumni who share their memories and experiences. With two successful publications to its name EVERGREE will continue to provide the undergraduates with a platform to share their thoughts and creative capabilities beyond the classroom for the years to come.

ELA also organises support workshops for the students in much needed academic areas. The Academic Referencing Workshops and Presentation Skills Workshops are two such prominent events organized by the club for the benefit of the undergraduates and the high number of participations in these workshops proved the timely importance of the events.

ELA has great and exceptional plans for the future ranging from interfaculty poetry recital competitions to English Days. Given the clubs to commitments to excellence there is no doubt that ELA will continue to soar high among the student circles in the university as a creative platform for the undergraduates with passion for art, culture, language and literature.


Poetry Slam and the badging ceremony of the English Literary Association  The first-ever Poetry Slam and the badging ceremony of the English Literary Association was held on the 2nd of August 2023 at the Green Boardroom. The event was graced by the presence of Dean, Faculty of Business, Ms Thilini

English Literary Association celebrates the voices of NSBM The English Literary Association of NSBM recently conducted Drop The Mic ’22, an open mic event celebrating the voices of NSBM. The Event was graced by the presence of the Vice Chancellor Prof. E.A Weerasinghe, Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Chaminda Rathnayake, Head