Buddhist Society

In the serene ambiance of our society, we seek to create a sanctuary for self-reflection and inner peace, where students can find solace amidst the challenges of academic life. Our gatherings provide a safe space to explore the profound teachings of the Buddha and apply them to our daily experiences. As we delve into the wisdom of mindfulness and compassion, we strive to cultivate not only personal growth but also a sense of interconnectedness with all living beings. Let us join hands as a community, supporting and uplifting each other, as we navigate the journey towards a more compassionate and enlightened existence. Welcome to the Buddhist Society at NSBM, where the path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening awaits us all.

Master/Mistress in Charge - Academic Staff Members

  • Mr. Prasanna Perera / FOB
  • Ms.Tharushi Piyumale/FOB
  • Mr. Tharaka Nayanapriya

Names of President /Vice President /Captian

  • President – Sudesh Hettiarachchi