AIESEC is the world’s largest youth led organization advocating for youth leadership through global affairs. As one of our organization’s functions, we facilitate global Internship opportunities in local organizations which are focusing on UN Sustainable Development Goals.In 2017 AIESEC was initiated in the National School of Business Management as “AIESEC in NSBM”. AIESEC in NSBM was able to host two global villages in the university premises in 2018 and 2019 with over 200 international students from over 25 different countries. Today, AIESEC in NSBM has over 90+ active global-minded and culturally sensitive members from across the island. As an Official Expansion, we have won the Most Outstanding Award and Most Progressive Expansion Award in 2018 & 2019, respectively.

Master/Mistress in Charge - Academic Staff Members

  • Ms. Gimhani Rangalla/FOB
  • Ms.Dilki Hansika/FOB

Names of President /Vice President /Captian

  • Sachin Hettiarachch- Official Expansion President
  • Dewmith Kiriella-Official Expansion Vice President(DXP)
  • Yashmitha Gnanananthan-Official Expansion Vice President(FnL & IM)
  • Nulanga Gamage-Official Expansion Vice President(BD, EwA & Innov)
  • Piyara Jayasinghe-Official Expansion Vice President(oGV)
  • Ashan Dimantha Herath- Official Expansion Vice President(Brand)
  • Denithi Vidanagamage-Official Expansion Vice President(oGT PS)
  • Nikila Fernando-Official Expansion Vice President(oGT B2C)
  • Akna Kariyawasam-Official Expansion Vice President(TM)
  • Karindra Chamika-Official Expansion President(iGV)