NFORCE – NSBM for Career & Entrepreneurship

NFORCE - NSBM for Career & Entrepreneurship

NFORCE – NSBM for Career and Entrepreneurship is the Unit belonging to NSBM Green University which prepares the students for the world of work. For the first time in Sri Lanka, NSBM Green University, positioned the university career guidance as a corporate entity NFORCE, to give the exposure of corporates to the students from the beginning itself. NFORCE is responsible for making the graduates’ future ready to win the corporate world as well as to promote entrepreneurship among students.

NSBM has launched the NFORCE strategy from which it aims to make all graduates’ future ready with 100% employability rate.  

As per NFORCE Strategy there is continuous involvement from industry with the university at every steps. NFORCE Strategy has two main things are done to make graduates future ready and 100% employable.

  1. Expose students for job opportunities: This will be done by conducting career fairs for graduate placements, Industry days for on campus intern hiring and sharing vacancies in NSBM job portal.

  2. Making the students ready for industry: This will be done by enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the students while providing them with an opportunity to work before graduation

Industry oriented academic programs

All NSBM degree programs are purpose built with a model where the lectures are done in the weekends after the second year, proving an opportunity for the students to do internships and entry level jobs even before graduating. Before a degree program is introduced, NSBM gets feedback from the industry via a market survey regarding the things to be included in the degree to create a high demand in the future. After the launch of the degree program, NSBM has a program called CART – Company Academic Round Table, which happens annually where corporate people are invited to review the curriculum and provide inputs for upgrades to meet the ever-changing industry requirements. Further, NSBM invites industry personnel to conduct guest lectures and workshops for students to share the industry knowledge related to every aspect they learn.

Preparation Programs before entering the industry

NSBM has purposely designed special preparations for the students before they get their first ever corporate exposure via an internship or an industrial training. Such programs are designed to make the transition from universities to industries a smooth one. Therefore, these programs are conducted by partnering with leading industries in the country.

Each faculty has separate programs. The Faculty of Computing has IPT- Industry Preparation Program, Faculty of Business has C2C – Campus to Corporate and Faculty of Engineering has E4.0+ – Engineering 4.0.

The major things covered in these preparation programs are as below.

  1. Industry expectations from undergraduates
  2. Various career pathways available for each degree program
  3. Hands-on experience in modern technologies used in the industry.
  4. Future trends in every industry
  5. How to prepare a successful CV
  6. How to face interviews successfully
  7. Personal Grooming and corporate etiquettes
  8. Communication skills

NFORCE Industry Partners

NSBM Green University & NFORCE is working closely with leading companies in every industry. Through the NSBM Industry Partnership Program, companies and the universities come to mutual agreements where both can work together for mutual.

The major areas of mutual collaboration are talent acquisition, knowledge sharing, employer branding, combined research and projects, job vacancy sharing and partnerships and sponsorships. 


Few of the Leading Companies Working With NSBM & NFORCE

NSBM Career Fair and Industry Days

This is the biggest annual event of NFORCE where leading companies in the companies are coming to the university to hire the talents of NSBM. Every year 50+ leading companies from every industry take part in the NSBM Annual career fair meeting more than 2000 students. This happens for 2 days, where one day is allocated for faculty of management, engineering and science and other day is for faculty of computing.

Every year many interns, fresh graduates and experienced graduates are hired by industries from the NSBM Annual Career Fair.

Meanwhile, NFORCE organizes industry days for every faculty just before the students are about to get their internships or industrial training. This will facilitate the students to obtain an internship easier, which will eventually ensure a full-time job at the end of graduation. There are times where leading companies conduct specific on campus bulk hiring by visiting the university.

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