Capture the Flag (CTF) awareness programme of ISACA NSBM Student Chapter

“Cyber Sprint”, the Capture the Flag (CTF) awareness programme organized by ISACA NSBM Student Chapter in preparation for the upcoming Cyber Sprint CTF competition, took place on 7th June 2023, at the Faculty of Computing. The event aimed to educate NSBM undergraduates about the fundamentals of CTF and the range of career opportunities available in the domain of cybersecurity.

The session was conducted by Mr. Shehan Sanjula, an expert in cybersecurity holding certifications such as Aviatrix Certified Multi-Cloud Network Engineer, Fortinet Certified Network Security Associate, and IBM Certified Cybersecurity IT Fundamentals Specialization. His extensive knowledge and experience allowed him to provide valuable insights into CTFs and their relevance in the industry.

This exciting event was organized to empower NSBM students under the guidance of Master In Charge, Lecturer Mr. Isuru Sri Bandara, and the academic staff of the Faculty of Computing. By attending the program, students got the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of CTFs and explore potential career paths in the cybersecurity field.