Business Analytics Students Explore the World of Business Analysts at MAS Bodyline

It says, “While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experiences of others”. Recognising this, the First Batch of undergraduates of the BM (Hons) in Business Analytics degree program of the Faculty of Business, with the guidance of the Department of Economics and Decision Sciences, had the opportunity to experience a day as a Business Analyst at MAS Bodyline Horana on 5th June 2023.
This eagerly awaited industry visit was meticulously planned as part of the program’s curriculum during the students’ first year. It provided them with a memorable experience and exposure to understanding how business analytics is used in a real work setting.

The visit was made possible through the facilitation of the Digital team and the HR division of MAS Bodyline, who ensured that the day was filled with well-organised workshops and seminars. The participants also got the opportunity to witness the production process from the development stage to the end product and how business analytics is used at each of the critical points of the production process, which gives insight into the managerial decision marking.