One of the most entertaining events of the year, ‘Alchemy ‘23: Where Magic Transcends Reality’ organized by the Marketing Circle of NSBM, concluded successfully on 5th September 2023 at NSBM Auditorium.  

This extravagant event was a one-of-a-kind experience that merged the fusion of both Magic and Music, presenting a captivating magic show featuring the incredible talents of magicians Mr. Praveen Peiris and Weero Magicians. While the breathtaking magic was performed by these magicians, the music segment was presented by none other than the Music Club of NSBM, who put on a good show for the audience.  

The event was graced by the company of our distinguished guests, including the Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Thisal Yatawara and the Head of the Department of Marketing and Tourism Management, Mr. Venura Colombage, along with the Mistress in Charge, Ms. Kalni Peiris, and the Master in Charge, Mr. Piumal Herath and academics of the Department of Marketing and Tourism, who contributed their expertise for the event.