NSBM Green University recently hosted a specialized workshop designed specifically for administrative staff, centering around the theme of “Achieving Extraordinary Results.” Spearheaded by Mr. Sathika De Silva and the ORG Analytics Team, the workshop offered a comprehensive series of sessions aimed at enhancing various facets of professional development.

The workshop agenda was carefully curated to cover a diverse range of topics essential for personal and professional growth, including Self-Awareness; Change Management; Team Building and Collaboration; Emotional Maturity and Emotional Intelligence; Exemplary Leadership; Effective Communication; Time Management; Problem Solving and Decision Making; Stress Management; Interpersonal Relationships; Conflict Management; and an engaging entertainment session featuring Music Therapy.

By addressing these key areas, the workshop aimed to equip NSBM Administrative Staff with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to excel in their roles and contribute to the university’s overarching goals of excellence and success.